Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marie: Right Now In The Raw

Summer is such a wonderful time to be raw! In fact, it's a great time to begin incorporating more raw food nto your diet! During this time of the year it takes barely any energy at all to create satisfying raw dishes that will completely steal the spotlight away from cooked foods. It's just not what our bodies crave in the heat! Me, I love to whip things together in the kitchen but it's just too warm to spend alot of time doing it so my summer fallbacks are incredible soups and smoothies that I toss together in a blender in a matter of minutes. This is something the whole family can get on board with! Watermelon/ Mint Cooler? The smell of it alone sets your taste buds dancing. My daughter, who is twelve, pronounced emphatically, "Now that smells good!". Cucumbers and grapes make another wonderful pairing that can be eaten as cold summer soup or downed as super smoothie! As my husband gushed, "I could live on this!" Pineapple/ Lime Soup? Bring it on! And I swear...Mango/ Orange Soup... it will actually make you smile. When we made it at our recent Summer Soups class Alisa and I took one sip and grinned ear to ear. That was certainly a happy little soup! Anyway, while I am fiddling around in the kitchen trying to feed myself (and doing a really bang-up job, if I do say so myself), I figure, Spread the Joy! So be prepared... there's alot of it coming your way!


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